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The Foundation publishes books relevant to male survivors and offers them for sale here (payment by Square). Due to the increased costs involved, we do not market our books through Amazon or other third-party vendors.

Secret Doors:
A Workbook for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Secret Doors workbook brings to fruition a recovery project offering an innovative approach to healing for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. By marshaling and organizing statements from hundreds of male survivors, all beginning with the blame-busting phrase, “I didn’t know…,” the workbook encourages the individual’s quest to find his own healing path while at the same time assuring him of his place – devoid of blame and shame – within a larger community. The workbook facilitates a survivor’s work with useful framing discussions on such topics as blame and responsibility, taking control, connections, recovery as a path, progress, and looking back.

Price: $20

Beating the Odds:
Male Survivors Talk about Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Reliable research estimates that at least one in six boys experiences sexual abuse before the age of 18, which means that there are in excess of 25 million male survivors in the United States alone. But most victims still remain silent, and despite the recurring scandals our communal institutions – family, school, and spiritual and government bodies – lack the will or skills needed to take effective action.

This book invites male survivors, their supporters, and service institutions to join the minority who are “beating the odds” and becoming involved in the recovery process. Contributors join here to tell their stories of recovery from sexual abuse from a wide variety of perspectives. The topics discussed cover a broad range of abuse issues and recovery strategies. Beating the Odds, the first work to address recovery of male survivors in this way, will be a major resource for male survivors, their supporters, researchers, and professionals working in public service.

Price: $25