Living Well is an Australian organization dedicated to offering affirmative and inclusive support to male survivors, their allies, and professionals who work in this field. Among their numerous achievements is a series of posters, the first of which were two posters in English. One presents the main concerns a survivor has when he’s considering disclosing to someone; the other addresses the public and suggests ways they can help.

Since 2011, when the series began, many volunteers have come forward with offers to translate the posters into other languages. The series now totals 48 posters in 24 languages…and counting! Apart from encouraging awareness and support at the individual level, the series, by highlighting that the problem of childhood sexual abuse of males is a worldwide issue, stresses to survivors that they are absolutely not alone in their efforts to reclaim their lives.

Here we offer the two original posters in English; the others can be accessed at the Living Well website here. There is no charge for the posters, and Living Well recommends that you print in color.

Poster 1 Poster 2

Click on a poster image to open the pdf in a new tab.

We are grateful to the guys at Living Well for this powerful series, and for granting us permission to offer access to it here on our site.